Flask-Pypi-Proxy works is a proxy for PyPI that also enables you to upload your custom packages.


  • Once a package is downloaded from PyPI, then it won’t be downloaded again. Bacause of this, the package installation is quicker. Let’s assume that you have some servers where your application run. You configure one of these servers with Flask-Pypi-Proxy, and because of that all the servers download the required Python packages from an internal server.
  • You can upload your custom eggs. For example, you have your project which is close sourced and because of that it can’t be uploaded to PyPI. This will solve the problem because you will have an internal package system.
  • Upload compiled packages. Some packages (lxml, Pillow) compile using the system libraries. If all the servers are using the same versions of the libraries, then you can upload the compiled package and save the compilation time for each install.


  • When downloading the package for the first time, it will take some extra time. This happens because the package will have to be downloaded from PyPI first, and then from the Flask-Pypi-Proxy.